Main Courses

Psiton Kleftiko £13.95
Lamb shanks on the bone very slowly oven cooked. Served with roast potatoes.

Beef Stifado £12.50
Cubes of beef cooked slowly with onions & red wine sauce. Served with rice.

Afelia (Pork) £10.50
Tender pork cooked with wine and coriander.

Moussaka (Meat or Veg) £10.50
Aubergine, courgettes, potato, bechamel sauce and mince meat or veg. Served with salad.

Makoroni Pastitso £9.50
Makoroni with mince meat, herbs, and bechamel sauce. Served with salad.

Keftedes £9.95
Fresh Greek style pork meatballs with fresh herbs & tomato sauce. Served with chips & salad.

Dolmades (Meat or Veg) £9.95
Stuffed vine leaves with rice, tomato, green peppers and mince meat or veg. Served with roast potatoes & salad.

Briam £9.95
Mixed vegetables cooked in tomato sauce.

Vegetarian Platter £11.95

Lamb Tava £12.95
Cubes of lamb cooked in the oven with onions, cumin, chopped tomatoes, potato & celery.

Vegetarian Moussaka £9.95
Traditional Greek dish with layers of aubergine, courgettes and potato, topped with a delicious bechamel sauce. Served with salad.


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