Taramosalata £2.95
Smoked Cod Roe beaten with lemon & olive oil

Hummus £2.95
Chick peas pureed with olive oil, lemon, garlic & tahini

Tzatziki £2.95
Greek youghurt and cucumber with garlic & dill

Tahini £2.95
Sesame seeds, garlic & lemon

Aubergine Salad £2.95
With garlic, feta, tahini, olive oil & lemon juice

Beetroot Salad £2.95
With olive oil & garlic

Dip Selection £4.50
Taramosalata, hummus & tzatziki

Avocado Prawns £4.95

Avocado Taramosalata £4.50

Avocado Vinegrette £3.95

Prawn Cocktail £4.50
Shrimps in a cocktail sauce

Fetta Cheese £3.95

Greek Plain Yoghurt £2.95

Seafood Salad £3.95
Variety of seafood with red pepper, parsley & lemon


Grilled Halloumi £4.25
3 pieces grilled goats cheese

Grilled Lunza £4.95
3 pieces of smoked fillets of pork

Grilled Halloumi & Lunza £4.95
Goats cheese and smoked fillets of pork

Grilled Loukaniko £3.95
Mildly spiced Greek sausage cooked on charcoal

Pasturma £3.95
Spicy beef sausage

Grilled Large Mushroom £4.25
Served with fresh lemon juice, garlic, parsley & olive oil

Keftedes £3.95
Greek meatballs, mince meat, onion, parsley & spices

Dolmades £3.95
Stuffed vine leaves with rice fillings

Sheftalia £4.50
Three homemade sausages with mince meat, onion, parsley & spices

Sikoti £3.95
Lambs liver cooked with spring onions, tomato & olive oil

Saganaki £6.50
Mature cheese flambéed in Brandy

Briam £4.25
Aubergines, courgettes, green peppers, tomato & garlic cooked in a casserole


Calamari £5.25
Fresh fried squid

White Bait £3.95
Deep fried small fresh fish

Grilled King Prawns £5.95
Four grilled king prawns

Garides Scordades £6.50
Four king prawns cooked quickly with garlic butter & white wine

Sardines £4.95
Four fresh sardines with olive oil


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